To make youth more independent,
since 2011, Daring Duck has been
organizing scouting clubs and summer camps

Daring Duck’s goal is to teach practical skills
to as many teenagers as possible
so that they can face their future
with confidence.

With our new Adventures APP and our collaboration with strategic partners, we are taking the next step towards our goal of becoming the global leader in Outdoor Activities for Teens.

For Daring Duck, Covid-19 was both a blessing and a disaster. It was a blessing because it allowed me to focus on finalizing the Adventures APP. It was a disaster because all our youth activities, such as weekly gatherings and summer camps were canceled so we lost our income.

Because during Covid-19 we lost our regular income, I am now looking for support to help us to roll out the Adventures APP and to give tens of thousands of teenagers access to programs that improve their skills and, by that, improve their self-assurance.

As an investor, you will benefit from a unique ready-made product, in the incredibly fast-growing market of E-learning, with limited to no competition and a global approach and potential.

Do you want to know more about this unique opportunity?

Download this introduction that provides more information about our philosophy, our products, the market, and our background.

Or contact me directly via email (, WhatsApp, or telephone (+31-658899818).

Thank you for the time that you give this.

Paul Schoe