Get to know us

Beach time at Volcano Island

The coming year, Daring Duck will celebrate it’s the 10th anniversary. 10 years of providing outdoor youth activities to teenagers, to schools and universities as well as providing useful teambuilding programs for companies.

We were lucky enough to do these activities in Xiamen, one of the main cities of Fujian province, located on an island just opposite Taiwan. The government has supported us with a beautiful location at the coastline and later we could continue our activities at the unique Volcano island. A natural resort that is also known for its retreat for dolphins.

We received customers (foreigners & local) from all over China, were honored with numerous articles in newspapers, with a TV program on CCTV4, and we received requests from multiple cities to open scouting clubs.

Since it has always been our ambition to assist youth in their development towards responsible and independent adulthood, we have spent the last 3 years developing programs that will allow us to expand to tens of thousands of students rather than the thousands that we have served during the last 10 years.

Our online Adventure Classes are one part of that, as are the Adventure Parks that allow high schools and cities to provide their students with safe, useful, and enticing outdoor activities. With pride, 2021 will also be the year where we will enter our new headquarter in Europe (see the end of this page).

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Daring Duck and I hope to meet you all again, virtual or in person, in 2021.


10.000+ Participants

The focus of Daring Duck has always been on useful activities. Combining fun with obtaining skills is the base for our activities.

This approach is most satisfying during our weekly youth clubs and our summer camps. In both you see the growth that teenagers go through.

But due to our unique locations, we were also able to organize events for schools and universities, with up-to 800 participants, while thousands have visited our regular public activities varying from craft markets to easter egg hunts.

30+ International Teachers

How can we thank the dozens of local and international teachers that have made our activities so worthwhile?

Teachers who were trained to put the development of our members as the core of Daring Duck, and who provided our participants with unforgettable impressions.

I apologize to all those who I cannot name here, but for their never-ending effort and support I want to thank: Alex, Alice, Andy, Annie, Anny, Anya, Bader, Baruch, Bob, Charlotte, Connie, Chris, Cristian, Daan, Dagar, Damir, Dasha, Elaine, Ethan, Eugenio, Erwan, Evelyn, Gavy, Flower, Fritz, Hannah, Hussanpreet, Iana, Jaisis, JJ, Jordan, Josh, Karan, Kern, Kyle, Lasana, Linda, Luis, MaoMao, Manpreet, Marc, Marco, Marcus, Maria, Marisol, Martine, Matt, Michael, Nick, Raj, Richard, Roger, Sahil, Sander, Sid, Siguta, Steven, Tom, Totti, Tracey, Uwe, Wieteke, mr. Xu, Yasha, Yvo, Zeid, …
And of course Rocky; our labrador, who turned every kid and adult into an animal lover for life.

5 Locations

As mentioned before, we were supported by the Xiamen government with beautiful locations. In addition, we organised camps in the mountains and events and schools and universities. These were the bases from which everything was organised.

(Click on the pictures or names for an impression of the group activities we did at each location. For many it will be a trip down memory lane.)

Zhen Zhu Wan Garden

The place where Daring Duck started. From our 400 m2 house we organised the first Daring Duck activities. We built structures on the beach, a real tree-house between the palms, and welcomed dozens of kids and parents.

Sun Bay

Our smallest location. Located in front of a very small village in Xiamen, some people described it as: 2 tents and a catamaran. Nevertheless, this is where we held the first youth camp for over 60 kids, where we organised our first wedding, and where teenagers learned sailing.

Hulisan beach

The location where most people know us from. 5.000 square meters with 600 m2 indoor space, a large field for camping and events, our large swimming pool, a beach volleyball field, and a stage for performances.

Volcano Island

This unique nature resort, also famous for its dolphin retreat, became the place where not only we continued our weekly scouting clubs but also for large summer camps and team building activities. No visitor forgets the private lake for our safe watersports.

Daring Duck Truck

Not all our activities could be done at our locations. Sometimes Daring Duck went mobile. With our Daring Duck truck we provided team building activities for universities and companies, we organised New Year Dives and we even went into the mountains for more secluded camping events.