What We Do

From Camping to Cooking, and from First Aid to Navigation, Daring Duck develops hundreds of Online Adventures that improve the skills of students and teachers.

Our Lost City Quest is an enticing online event for 4 to 500 participants. Improve collaboration between your colleagues, whether they live around the corner or on the other side of the world.

Our Adventure Parks enable schools and cities to build a permanent base where youth can participate in healthy, exciting, and useful outdoor activities.

Useful, exciting life skills for every teenager.

Whether you are a school, an outdoor youth club, or an interested teenager, in 2021
Daring Duck provides you with challenging and useful activities.

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Watch the video for an introduction of our activities in 2021!

Our 10 year anniversary is celebrated with online activities that teenagers, schools, and outdoor clubs from all over the world can follow.


Popular Courses


Making things from wood and rope forms the core of the Daring Duck program. It stimulates creativity and it teaches skills that will be used later for building and repairing

Camp cooking

Being outside in nature will make you thirsty and hungry. With the Camp Cooking badge you learn to cook on wooden fires or with small camping cooking sets that fit in a rucksack.

First Aid

At Daring Duck we teach you how to first ensure that you yourself are safe and then provide the important help during the first minutes after an accident.