In our Adventures, Daring Duck follows as much as possible the batch system of members from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Because it is our ambition to help teenagers to prepare for a successful role in society, we strongly advise people to become a member of their local scout group. Being able to be part of a team, and to eventually lead a team, is not only a lot of fun, it also helps to be successful later in society.

Daring Duck courses are provided to schools, to outdoor youth clubs, to language institutes, and to individual teenagers who want to explore the world by themselves. If you are an individual member then you can regularly receive our ‘Adventure Chest‘ that contains all the materials that you need for the upcoming classes.

Below you find a short introduction to each of our Adventures. In 2021, each course will be complemented with our unique 360 degree videos. In these videos, you can decide to follow the scout leader or you can look at fellow teenagers that do the same challenge as that you will do. Each Adventure contains 10 to 20 videos. Each video introducing one skill that you have to master to become proficient.

Daring Duck‘s Adventures are for teenagers from 10 to 15 years.


Making things from wood and rope forms the core of the Daring Duck program. It stimulates creativity and it teaches skills that will be used later for building and repairing. The students learn how to deal with safely with saws and how to make secure knots. It starts with making a small toy and continues to stretchers, catapults and towers.


What to do when there is an accident? 
If you know Daring Duck’s logo, than you know that our slogan is: “Be friendly, Be Brave and Be prepared”. One of the most important items of preparation is that if you see that an accident happens, that you know what to do. That you know how to help other people.

Arts & Crafts 

We spend a lot of time on creativity. This varies from decorating pots to making your own car. They are all opportunities to use your own ideas and turn them into a real product or solution

Camp cooking 

Being outside in nature will make you thirsty and hungry. After a hike you like a good cup of tea or even enjoy a full meal. When you go out camping it is even more fun to prepare food yourself. With the Camp Cooking badge you learn to cook on wooden fires or with small camping cooking sets that fit in a rucksack.

Camp fire 

Do you know that there are different ways to make a camp fire? There are camp fires for cooking, for being with a large group, for during strong winds, or even for when there is no wind at all. Once you are in your teens, you’ll learn all the skills to make and enjoy camp fires safely


For many people going out camping is one of their most enjoyable experiences. Setting up a tent, sleeping with your friends, cooking your own food and lots of new activities. Join Daring Duck and go out camping every year for one or more weekends or even a full week.

Dealing with animals 

Animals can be fun but also scary. So how do you take care of a rabbit or how do you prevent being bitten by a dog? In our program on How To Deal With Animals we invite owners to visit us and tell about how they take are of their pet


When you want to sell products you have to make sure that you have something that people like. You also have to set the right price and make ensure that you do not lose money. Do you find that interesting? Than look forward to our Entrepreneur badge.


Every year we pay attention to Earth Day. A moment to think about how we can take care of our environment and to make sure that we and everybody else can enjoy nature and grass fields without garbage, have clean air, and drink clean water.

Int. Etiquette 

When you go traveling, you might find that in some other countries people behave differently than you are used to at home. With the International Etiquette badge we introduce some of the differences that you might face when meeting people from other cultures.

International sports  

When you get friends from other countries, you often like to play games and sport together. But they might play other sports than you know. Therefore we have a special badge at Daring Duck for International Sports. You get to play Ultimate Frisbee, the very popular Dutch Dodge Ball, kick ball and touch rugby.


Growing your own vegetables or flowers is one of the more popular activities at Daring Duck. You either grow vegetables at your own little garden at Daring Duck or you take them home and can see for yourself how little seeds grow into huge sunflowers or tomato plants.

First Aid 

We all know people who got hurt, or maybe it has even happened to yourself. What do you do when you have a small cut, or when somebody is unconscious? At Daring Duck we teach you how to first ensure that you yourself are safe and then provide the important help during the first minutes after an accident.

Int. cooking 

Did you ever eat a dish from another country and you wonder how it was made? During our International Cooking classes you learn how to cook some of the best known recipes from France, Holland, the USA and Latin America..


Making music together is one of the most pleasant ways to have fun together. From singing songs around a campfire to playing an instrument on stage. Do you like to learn new songs or show off your musical skills? We love to have you over at our Music activities.


Can you read a map? Find your way with a compass and map? Do you know how the GPS of a phone works? Do you like to do a treasure hunt? These are all topics that you get to do when you work on the Navigation Badge.


Do you like to make your own robot? Or do you want to learn how to program a robot to pickup a drink and bring it to you? In our robot classes, that is just what you will do. Enjoy learning and working together to let the robot do new things.


From being Safe On The Road to how to use a knife or stop a starting fire. Together with Pioneering and First Aid, Safety is one of the important badges that you can earn at Daring Duck.