The most active GIFT for Teenagers

Make a splash this season by giving real-life activities (IRL) and Adventures directly available from a phone screen.

With our Adventures APP, teenagers get every week one-and-a-half hour of outdoor activities. Activities that they enjoy, activities that Challenge them, activities that they can share with others in an APP where they even can become friends with adventurers in other countries.

With the Gift card, the following is included:

  • The Adventures APP for on their phone
  • A full semester of Adventures and Outdoor Activities
    (12 weeks long, every week more than 6 activities and challenges)
  • Until the start of the new semester in January, EVERY WEEK an extra FREE Adventure
  • Each Adventure comes with detailed instructions and a video
  • Certificates for completed Challenges
  • Safely sharing your challenges with your friends and with other Adventurers in other countries

Come this year with the most unexpected gift
that Teenagers enjoy.

A gift
– that they can follow on their phone
– that gives them challenges that they will enjoy facing
– that will make them want to go outside
– that enables them to make new friends in a safe place
– that will make them proud of their achievements and of their new skills

More information

Since 2011, Daring Duck welcomed thousands of teenagers to weekly scouting clubs, to exciting outdoor camps, and to outdoor activities.

With our unique Adventures APP, these Adventures and Challenges are now available for every teenager at home.

With the
Pop-up Gift Card,
YOU can now let them
fully enjoy
these adventures
at home

With the Adventures APP, teenagers are challenged with activities such as:

  • learning how to tie new knots and when to use them
  • navigating with a compass and making maps
  • dealing with accidents
  • how to perform First Aid
  • making nice food.

Teenagers can complete the Adventurers by themselves or with friends. The results of their Challenges, they can post them in a safe environment and make friends with Adventures in their own neighborhood, their city, or even in other countries.

Look HERE for Examples of the dozens of Adventures
that you can surprise a teenager with.