Team Building for Remote Workers

  • Does your company or organisation have remote workers?
  • Do you want to get more collaborations among colleagues in different locations?
  • Is your staff working in different cities or countries?
  • Do your workers never meet each other anymore in a relaxing but useful atmosphere?

These are all reasons why in today’s age of remote work, effective teambuilding has become more important than ever.

With over 10 years of experience in organising team building activities for companies such as Volkswagen and Johnson & Johnson, we now make our expertise in effective Team Building Programs also available in engaging and challenging online environments.

Many Human Resource managers are now facing the challenges of
– forming teams of people that do not see each other in real life.
– how to let new staff become familiar with the company’s values and attitudes.
– how to get teams with remote members to collaborate not only on completing their own tasks but also on supporting each other with their tasks.

Collaboration that used to take place seamlessly at the coffee corner, by opening the door to somebody who has more experience in a certain field, or at the dress-down Friday, is now hampered by distance and by staff who do not want to interrupt their colleagues.

Daring Duck Team Building is ready to help you get even online workers back together. With our online team activities, you can bring fun and collaboration to your remote workers.

Our online team building events are focused on:

  • Motivating and engaging activities
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Resulting in more effective teams.

Watch the video for a quick introduction to our Lost City Quest or continue reading below.

The Lost City Quest is an engaging online event for 4 to 500 participants. During the 2 hour event, teams of 4 to 15 persons are going on a quest to recover an old crown from an island, An endeavour that is complicated by a route full of challenges.

There are 8 challenges where their available scores depend on choices that they made as a team. A challenge can be either intellectual or physical and each challenge is introduced by a short, animated, video.

Each team of 4 to 15 persons is guided by a professional team facilitator who explains how challenges can be conquered and who assists the team to ensure a fun, active and cooperative environment.

Halfway the teams come together for an update on the current situation whereafter they continue their quest. At the end, there is an evaluation and celebration of team and individual achievements.

Do you want to bring your remote workers closer together?
To let them get to know each other in a different environment?
Face challenges in a team?
Find solutions together?

Then contact us to discuss how the Lost City Quest can help your company. We look forward to helping your colleagues enjoy teams, whether they live around the corner or on the other side of the world.

The Lost City Quest is a co-development of Daring Duck Team Building and Renewing Minds Consulting. With 10+ years of experience in team-building and 30+ years in Human Resources, we have provided team-building events for groups of 10 to 600 persons. All our team building activities are developed in-house.

The Lost City Quest is available in English, Dutch and Chinese.

Feedback from Volkswagen HR after in-person teambuilding for managers from different locations.

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