How does Daring Duck support teachers?

Seeing your students grow by doing Outdoor Adventures is very satisfying. We have developed the Adventure APP to make it easier for you to achieve that.

Hundreds of short videos introduce hundreds of Micro-adventures. They help you to train your teenage students to become proficient in activities from pioneering to navigation and from cooking to First Aid.

Do you want to know how Daring Duck helps you with making your teenage students proficient? Then read this page for an overview of our tools, the equipment we offer, and the costs to let your students benefit from and enjoy our Adventures.

If you are a leader of a scouting club
that is associated with the World Scout Movement,
then scroll down to the bottom of this article
to see how you can benefit from our Adventure APP.

3-year program

Daring Duck has developed a 3-year program during which teenagers can do all the required activities to become proficient in our Adventures.

Each year is divided into 3 semesters, and each semester contains Micro-adventures for 12 weeks. Our semesters in 2021 run from:

  • Saturday 18th of September till Saturday 4th of December
  • Saturday 13th of February till Saturday 1th of May
  • Saturday 8th of May to Saturday 24th of July

You can start a semester after the starting date, but students have to finish one semester before they can move on to the next semester.

If a student starts in the middle of a semester, then (s)he gets immediate access to all Micro-adventures that have been introduced since the start of the semester.

As a Teacher, you have access to all Micro-adventures of that semester, even those for weeks that have not yet passed (if they are ready for publication).

18 Adventures

With Daring Duck, you can offer 18 Adventures to your teenage students:

  • What to do at accidents
  • Arts, Crafts, Tools
  • Camping
  • Camp Cooking
  • Camp fire & BBQ
  • First Aid
  • Dealing with Animals
  • Entrepreneur
  • Farming
  • Friendship
  • International Cooking
  • International Etiquette
  • International Sports
  • Music & performance
  • Navigation
  • Pioneering
  • Run a Household
  • Safety

Each Adventure is divided into several Micro-adventures.
For your students, to be considered proficient in an Adventure, some of these Micro-adventures are required and some of them are optional.
(For example: for pioneering, you need to know certain knots but you do not have to make every structure. For camp cooking, you need to know how to keep your camp kitchen clean, but you do not need to make every dish.)

In the Adventures APP, you can register the progress that a student makes. We only have two statuses: Active, to indicate that the student is working on that Micro-adventure or Passed.
(We do not grade further, as we believe that the competition with grading reduces the Friendship that should be the core value of Daring Duck.)

Adventure APP

At Daring Duck, your most important tool is the Adventure APP. In this APP, you find the videos and the instructions for each of the Micro-adventures.

You can keep this information only for you and other teachers of your school, or you can give every one of your students a user-id and password to the Adventure APP.

When students have access to the Adventure APP, they can:

  • see the instructions for the Micro-adventures of the current week and of previous weeks or previous semesters,
  • see what Micro-adventures they still have to complete,
  • post pictures of their Adventures in their Stream,
  • Encourage their Friends,
  • Invite other users as their Friend.

(All information that you or your students post in the Adventure APP is considered private. Each post can be assigned as visible to the public or only to fellow members of your school, to friends, or only to themselves. Pictures are minimized to a width of 360 pixels. No private information will ever be sold or given to third parties.)

Additional support

Every teacher at Daring Duck has to complete the Leadership training within the first 6 months.

The emphasis of this course is on:
a) how to arrange safety for the Adventures
b) the educational method that Daring Duck uses with an emphasis on learning-by-doing
c) ensuring safety from harm and bullying for all youth members.

In addition to videos and instructions, we provide interactive Webinars. These Webinars are often to introduce the Adventures of the coming month. Some of these Webinars are optional others, on average once per month, are required.


If you are an established school or club, then you can decide to open a Daring Duck Club.

As a Daring Duck Club you can:

  • Manage the registration, permissions, and progress of your students.
  • Have access to ALL information that your students have posted.
  • List your school in the Club section of the Adventure APP where potential members can search your school on city or on name.
  • Post information about upcoming or recent events on the Home page that your students see every time when they open the Adventure APP.

Adventure Chest

To carry out the Micro-adventures, your students need materials. To learn knots, they need ropes. To navigate their way, they will use a compass. To provide First Aid, they need a First Aid kit.

In our Adventure Chest, Daring Duck provides all the materials that you need for the Adventures of that semester.

As a school or club you have three options to provide the materials to your students:
1) You can provide each student with their own Adventure Chest. They then have all materials for themselves and can take them home, or
2) You can purchase our yellow Adventure Chest XL for schools. In that Adventure Chest, you find all materials for 24 students + 1 teacher and you can use the same materials for multiple classes.
3) You can use materials that you already have or source them yourself.

Participation fee

For the students, you as the teacher are the most important. Your educational skills, your technical skills, your empathy, and your preparations, make that students can grow and that they can enjoy the Happiness of Confidence.

In our fee program, we want to recognize your efforts and cost. We therefore try to minimize your expenses to bring these programs to your students:

Participation fee per student (50% discount)
The standard fee per semester is € 60.00. On this amount, you receive a discount of 50%. Since every semester has 12 weeks with Adventures, that means you only pay € 3.00 per class. (We charge per semester upon registration of a student.)

Adventure chests
Due to the quality of our materials, the discount on the Adventure Chests and on other materials such, as clothing is limited to 30%. That means we charge you € 42.00 for an Adventure Chest for one student, while you can sell the Adventure Chest to your student for the standard fee of € 60,00.

If one of your registered students buys anything directly in our e-shop, then you will receive 15% commission of those amounts (excluding transportation costs). Purchases of your students, you can see in the Leader section of the Adventure APP

Do you want to bring exciting activities to your students?
Do you want to see them GROW and get the HAPPINESS of CONFIDENCE?
Then join Daring Duck now and give students and parents

a program that they will be excited about.

Scouting clubs associated with the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)

Scouting activities are best done at a scouting club that is associated with the World Scout Movement. We, therefore, advise teenagers to find a scouting club in their city.

The Adventure APP is designed to make it easier to carry out scouting activities. If you want to use the Adventure APP for the planning and registration of the activities of your scouting club, then the fee is 0.50 Euro per student per week. Since we provide programs for 12 weeks, it is 6 Euro per semester.

For this fee, you get the following options:

  • You can be registered as a scouting group in our club finder
  • All your members can receive a user-id and password for the Adventure APP
  • As long as they meet the requirements of your national scouting organisation, you can upload your own badges and requirements
  • If you upload your own badge programs, we can remove the standard Daring Duck programs for your members
  • You can monitor the progress of each member
  • Your members can post stories and pictures of their activities
    (public, only for members of your club, only for friends, or only for themselves)
  • Your club can post pictures and stories of your own upcoming or past events
  • Your club can post one article on the Home page with which students always start the Adventure APP.