Coaches: Deliver exciting programs to your teenage students

Are you a school or a teacher looking for exciting activities for your teenage students? Then watch this video. You will find them here.

Provide exciting Outdoor Adventures to your teenage students.

Text of the video

Hello, Welcome at Daring Duck.

Are you a school or a teacher looking for exciting activities for your teenage students? Then keep watching this video. You will find them here.

I will start with What Daring Duck does. After 10 years of running scouting clubs, summer camps, and training leaders, we are making our programs available to teenagers all over the world. Every week, we provide videos and instructions for outdoor activities. From pioneering to navigation, and from first aid to international sports. Every week your students can get something exciting to do, and they collect keys for doors that they open to knowledge and skills.

But this video is not about What we do. You can read more about our program and about our Adventures on our website

If this video is not about What we do, then what is it about?

This video is about Why at Daring Duck we do what we do, and why we welcome you to give these exciting activities to your students.

During the last 10 years, students have missed out of something. Many of them are full-time focused on their study results, and if they have some spare time, then it is spent on social media or with playing online games.

So what have they missed?

The two most important things that I saw that they missed were: happiness and confidence.

I missed the cheerful attitude that people get by facing and conquering challenges, and by doing energetic things together. And all the knowledge and skills that they acquired with studying and by becoming more proficient in games, it did not result in that what is essential for succeeding in life: to have confidence in yourself. Confidence that you can succeed with the challenges of life.

Luckily, I also saw that changing. In the 10 years of running scouting clubs, I saw our students blossom up, I saw them grow. Maybe it is best summarized by what the schoolteacher of one of our members said to his parents: ‘Your child always takes initiative. When the class is doing new activities, he moves forward and takes on responsibility as a leader’.

So how did that change happen?

It happened by teaching our youth-members practical skills. Skills that help them in daily life. From knowing what to do when an accident happens, to finding your way in a new city.

From being able to buy food and prepare a meal, to knowing how to provide first aid.

And with obtaining those skills, our members started to believe in themselves. They got confidence. And with that, they became happier.

I want to invite you to realize and see that same growth in your students.

Growing is not about having more knowledge. Growing is an attitude. It is the attitude that people have who feel confident that they can face challenges. That they have, or can obtain, the skills to succeed with what is coming.

To help you to bring that attitude to your students, every month Daring Duck gives you videos and instructions with the Adventures of that month.  I chose for videos because after years of training teachers, I noticed that you are just like me: you forget things. The scouting program has so many different topics, that it is difficult to stay proficient in all of them.

By using videos, you have 2 ways to teach your students:

  1. You can show the English videos to your students and then they can do the challenge of that video, or
  2. You can use the video as training for yourself. You open the doors to improve your own skills, and then, you can present these skills to your students.

Each week you get 2 to 6 short videos. After each video, your students will be busy for 3 to 30 minutes to complete a challenge. This way, every week you get a program of 1 to 1.5 hours.

Do you want to help your students to prepare them for the challenges that they will face in life?
Do you want to help them to obtain more skills by doing exciting activities?
Do you want to see them grow, to become happier and more self-assured?

Then join Daring Duck. Maybe you can even open a Daring Duck club at your school or location. We will be here to help you. With programs, with Daring Duck’s unique Adventure APP, with equipment, with interactive webinars, and with a long-term approach that your students and their parents will be excited about.

Join Daring Duck and see your students grow. Go to ‘leaders’ at to find more information about our exciting programs for teachers.

If somebody introduced you to Daring Duck, ask them for their Club-code, and mention it when you contact us. Then both of you will get a bonus.

I look forward to helping you with teaching useful skills to teenagers, and with creating the happiness of confidence. Register now and I see you soon.

Paul Schoe

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