The first Treasure Box

In January we received our first Treasure Box and here we give you a peek.

What is a Treasure Box?

Are you a member of Daring Duck’s Online Adventure Classes? Then 4 or 5 times a year you will receive a Treasure Box.

A Treasure Box contains all items that you need for the upcoming adventures.
For example: your first Treasure Box contains ropes, wooden sticks, a handy instruction book, a compass, two signal flags and other items that you need to get started.

Other Treasure Boxes will contain cooking materials, camping instructions, maps, tools and even a tent.

Join Daring Duck for exciting online activities and you will soon receive your first Treasure Box.

Do you follow the Daring Duck adventures at your local school or club? Then don’t worry: they will have all the materials you need for you and your friends.

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