Team Building for Remote Workers

Does your company or organisation have remote workers? Do you want to get more collaborations among colleagues in different locations? Is your staff working in different cities or countries? Do your workers never meet each other anymore in a relaxing but useful atmosphere? These are all reasons why in today’s age of remote work, effectiveContinue reading “Team Building for Remote Workers”

Teachers: get ready for Earth Day

Every year, on the 22nd of April, all over the world, people celebrate Earth Day. At Daring Duck, we use Earth Day always to draw attention to the 5 R’s. Reduce Reuse Recycle Restore/Repair Replenish Teachers, if you want to pay attention to Earth Day during your classes, then check out the Adventures APP. InContinue reading “Teachers: get ready for Earth Day”

Christmas campaign USA Started

Today we started the Christmas campaign in the USA. Just like in The Netherlands and in China parents can benefit from our 10-year anniversary discount: 12 weeks of activities for just 12 Euro (14 US$). This is one of the advertisements on Facebook. The advertisement has a button that directly links to the introduction pageContinue reading “Christmas campaign USA Started”

The most active gift for Teenagers

Make a splash this season by giving your favourite teenager(s) real-life activities (IRL) and Adventures directly available from a phone screen. Do your teenagers also want to get outside? Doing something other than playing games, or watching social media, on their phone? For Daring Duck’s 10th anniversary, we have developed a unique solution for them:Continue reading “The most active gift for Teenagers”

Companies: make a splash with your staff

This year you can give your staff with teenagers a SEASON’s GIFT that will benefit them for months. A GIFT that shows how your company cares about their teenagers and provides healthy and useful outdoor activities to them. Teenagers want to go out and to be active. They just need something to do. Parents wantContinue reading “Companies: make a splash with your staff”

Free Webinars for teachers

Do you want to be really prepared for your outdoor classes for teenagers? Then join Daring Duck’s Free Webinars. In our interactive webinars, we discuss items such as: Which Adventures your students can do the next month or week, What materials you need to prepare, What Challenges are included with each Adventure, How you canContinue reading “Free Webinars for teachers”

Examples of adventures

Daring Duck‘s Adventures are divided into dozens of micro-Adventures. Every week you will receive several. With these micro-Adventures, one moment you are making a tent, the next you are cooking or you are practicing First Aid. So your activities and challenges vary a lot, but the presentation of each micro-Adventure is the same. Each micro-AdventureContinue reading “Examples of adventures”