Examples of adventures

Daring Duck‘s Adventures are divided into dozens of micro-Adventures. Every week you will receive several.

With these micro-Adventures, one moment you are making a tent, the next you are cooking or you are practicing First Aid. So your activities and challenges vary a lot, but the presentation of each micro-Adventure is the same.

Each micro-Adventure consists of the following parts:

  • An introduction of the Challenge ahead of you.
  • An overview of what you need to meet the Challenge.
  • A video in which we show what you are going to don.
  • What is positive about our approach to the challenge.
  • An alert with what you should take into account.
  • Detailed instructions of the activity.
  • The description of the Challenge that you have to complete.

If you go to Examples of Adventures, you can see what they look like in your Adventures APP.

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