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Teenager Season’s Gift

A safe and healthy gift for this season.

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After this long period of restrictions, many people crave safe and healthy outdoor activities. This particularly applies to teenagers who, while spending a lot of time on their phones and computers, also enjoy doing other things.

For these teenagers, there is now the Adventures APP. An APP that links being online with adventures that they can embark on outdoors.

Healthy outdoor activities are now available to all teens.

Do your teenagers also want to get out the door? Doing something other than playing games, or watching social media, on their phone? Then there is now a good solution: Adventures and challenges to do outdoors, directly on their own phone.

Daring Duck has now developed the Adventures APP especially for teenagers who want more than just being online. A phone APP that challenges them to go outside and to take on safe challenges.

Every week they receive new adventures. This can involve building a tent yourself or practising how to help in the event of an accident. But there are also adventures with a compass, preparing a tasty dish or even learning sports such as Ultimate Frisbee.

The Adventure APP has been developed to introduce as many teenagers as possible to outdoor activities.

Teenagers like to go outside but they want to have something to do there. The Adventures APP gives them new challenges every week. On the APP they receive clear instructions on how to tie knots or how to read a map. In addition, they can watch a video of the challenge they have to take on themselves.

Every adventure ends with a challenge that they often do outside.

Because it is more fun to do things together, you can not only take on the challenges together with friends, but the Adventures APP also has a ‘social community’. Here teens can post stories and pictures of what they did. In a safe environment, they can befriend other adventurers near them or even in another country. And only their friends can post encouragements to the adventures they share.

As an introductory offer, you now receive at least 6 adventures every week for 12 weeks in November and December for only 14 USD (12 Euro). That is less than 1.2 dollars per week.

You can even order a cheerful gift card so that you have a nice present under the tree.

Does your teen also want to be active with beneficial and challenging healthy activities? Then the Adventures APP is definitely worth a look. Visit to get this season’s discount.

For the past 10 years, Daring Duck has organised scouting clubs and summer camps. But at the beginning of 2020, almost all outdoor group activities were cancelled. However, the demand for healthy outdoor activities for young people grew so this year, Daring Duck’s 10-th anniversary, was used to build the Adventures APP.

The Adventures APP has now been included in Google Play and the iPhone Store and new videos and new challenges for teenagers are released every week.

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