Companies: make a splash with your staff

This year you can give your staff with teenagers a SEASON’s GIFT that will benefit them for months. A GIFT that shows how your company cares about their teenagers and provides healthy and useful outdoor activities to them.

Teenagers want to go out and to be active. They just need something to do. Parents want that as well: to have their kids do something else than watching social media and games on their phones.

And your company can help them to do that.

With the GIFT CARD for the Adventures APP you give them 1, 2 or 3 seasons of weekly outdoor activities. Activities that they can do at home. Alone or with their friends.

Every week again, your colleagues will be reminded how your company helps their teens with healthy activities, isn’t that a PERFECT GIFT for this year?

Contact us now:
Email ( ,
(daringduck. online) or
WhatsAPP (+31642193085)
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to discuss what we can do for your colleagues.

Examples are:

  • Give them a discounted subscription on the Adventures APP with every week 6 activities with instructions and videos
  • Provide news messages from your company that appear whenever they open the APP.
  • Open your own Daring Duck club so that teenagers from your colleagues can communicate with each other in a safe environment and you, or one of our staff, can encourage them with their activities.

Contact us NOW
and you are sure to make a SPLASH this season.

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