Free Webinars for teachers

Do you want to be really prepared for your outdoor classes for teenagers? Then join Daring Duck’s Free Webinars. In our interactive webinars, we discuss items such as:

  • Which Adventures your students can do the next month or week,
  • What materials you need to prepare,
  • What Challenges are included with each Adventure,
  • How you can ensure safety during the outdoor activities,
  • The learning-by-doing education methodology, and
  • Other items that you like to discuss to give the best class to your students.

The webinars are open for teachers that provide outdoor classes for teenagers at school, in a scouting club or in a neighbourhood centre.

Have a look ‘HERE‘ at our ‘INTRODUCTION FOR TEACHERS‘ with more information on Daring Duck‘s program for teachers.

Register now by sending an email to and I will contact you with information on our next webinar.

I look forward to seeing you,

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